L&E Tote Bag - Making of the Grape Collection

Making of the Grape Collection

Now that we launched the Grape Collection, we thought you might be interested at having a peek behind the scenes.

Why Grape Collection?

The Grape collection is fully made in Grape Leather, a Bio Leather Alternative made from wine industry leftovers.

How did we come up with the Grape Collection?

First came the material, we ordered two finishes and two colours: The Textured Emerald Green and the smooth Coffee roast brown.

Once received, the softness of it really surprised us. As your feedback on the apple leather was that it was too stiff, we decided to design a new collection and capitalise on the sofness and lighness of the Grape Leather.

In the meanwhile, totally unrelated, my parents were moving houses and they made me go through everything I ever owned!

This is where I found this weekender bag I used to use in Paris to go to the Atelier and give / discuss pattern and making. That was my first job, and also the point of inspiration for the weekender.

The rest of the collection was inspired by "The Fall From Grace of the Plastic Bag"

I felt we were missing something as practical as a plastic bag, something you could take anywhere, even grocery shopping. We literally copied a plastic bag for a base and then applied all the L&E practicality.

The full collection is based on this principle, but we also worked at optimising recycling, reducing metal parts and playing with a new knotting system.

All bags can be worn with a set of straps that allow you to transform from a basic "plastic" bag - to a Travel Tote - to a Cross body - to a backpack

We hope you enjoy the Grape Collection and can't wait to hear your feedback!

Lidia & The Team xxx

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