Our zipper supplier is one of the biggest suppliers to the fashion industry. They are veterans of sustainability since 20 years and have since achieved:

A plant-based polyester tape, 30% reduction in petroleum usage, organic cotton tape zippers, and a PET zipper which recycles approximately 3,600 plastic bottles (29 g/bottle) per 10,000 zippers (60 cm length).

Also included in the collection are zippers made using Eco dyeing technology, which has completely eliminated the usage of water in the dyeing process, and environmentally friendly snaps and buttons made using a new plating technology that uses fewer resources to manufacture and does not use harmful plating chemicals.

Although originally from Japan, they now have European office in Greece where they put together and test every product.

They have unparelled quality from everything we tested so far.

Certifications: ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 IATF16949 OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100  Bluesign®.


    Our webbings come from a small family owned company from Italy. They are typically made of a wool-cotton-nylon-polyester mix. They use recycled polyester from plastic bottles and yarn made in Italy.

    There are no Certifications available at this time as it's a small company and they prefer to invest the money in the product and the people. We recycle all webbings into new straps.


      All our metals come from our Italian supplier in northern Italy. We recycle all usable and non-usable metallic parts. All metallic parts which are no longer usable are collected and forwarded to a specialised recycling and disposal local company in N. Macedonia.


        Our threads come from England and our supplier has sustainability and innovation as core values of their business. Certifications: GOTS, OEKO TEX 100, ZDHC, RSLs, BCI, Global Recycle Standard, Higg Index.


          Coming from a small business at the heart of Italy. Certifications: Oeko Tex 100.


            All hangtags are produced 1.5km from the studio by our family friend Maja and transpored by bike. The top hangtag where the craftsman sign and number the bags is made out of laser cut recyclable wood.

            The information layer of the hangtag is printed on recycled and recyclable paper
            All hangtags are attached with material scraps.

            We reuse wood hangtags so don't be afraid to send them to us if not in use
            Certifications: FSC, EU Eco Label, Blauer Engel.