What is the 2nd life project?

L&E 2nd life is the second out of 3 projects in our bid to reduce waste. You can now recycle any L&E even if the prime material is not recyclable. With this project we make sure all L&E’s have an extended lifespan, reducing waste.

How does it work?

Once you’re ready to part with your L&E, you can make a choice to recycle it into a new product (charges apply) or parting with your L&E and getting 30%OFF your next purchase.

Recycling your L&E

The first step is to contact us with pictures of your L&E and the product you wish to recycle it into. Then you pop it in the post to us. After assessing the bag, we will confirm what we can recycle and give you a cost estimate.

The unusable scarps of your bag will go towards stuffing of our home line. (cushions). Your new L&E will be sent to your home.

Parting with your L&E

If you do not wish to recycle your L&E you can send it to us and receive a 30% voucher for your next purchase. Your L&E will be recycled or restored and sold in our recycled collection giving it a second life.

Does it apply on all L&E’s?

Applies on all non-recyclable materials: Microfibre (all) and Apple Leather.

What are the benefits?

Making sure every scrap is re-used, recycled and found new use for, resulting in fewer fossil fuels burned and reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.