90% of our packaging comes from an award winning sustainability innovator based in south Germany, producing a 100% European, non-plastic packaging.

Grass paper consists of a mixture of native forest and meadow grass and recycled paper/cardboard (in short: waste paper). The logical consequence of this is that no tree fell for any of these products.

  • Boxes and envelopes are made from recyclable grass.
  • Packaging lists are inserted in non plastic compostable envelopes
  • Labels are printed on grass paper
  • Boxes are closed with paper tape

The remaining 10%:

  • Certain boxes are sourced from the Swiss Post Eco range
  • All stuffing (if any) is typically re-used from packaging we recoup from neighbouring households
  • Any information sent is printed on recycled paper from a local supplier producing in Germany - Certifications: FSC, PEFC, Organic DakkS, CO2 Neutral
  • Dust Bags are made out of recycled pet bottles in solar powered factory in northern Italy - Certifications: GOTS, R-PET
  • We are known to reuse packaging materials as much as possible so don't be surprised if your box looks a little used